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How to Make Baby Sock Sushi

Sushi is on the list of pregnant lady food no-no's. Which of course meant that I spent 8 months craving it. If you happen to know a similarly afflicted mama you could whip her up a portion of baby sock sushi!

created at: 2009-07-21

They might not taste as great with wasabi but they sure are cute.  Jessica from (the completely awesome and inspiring) Zakka Life's idea couldn't be more simple or effective, so gather up the pookie socks in sushi-ish colours and race on over to the tute.
These would make adorable decor for a Japanese themed baby shower, (caffeine-free green tea, mochi, and cherry blossom decor*, would round out the idea.. and hey, delicious tempura and yakitori is still on the menu!)
These  might also make a fun contrasting present to go with seriousness (and sweetness) of gifting an Hara-Obi, or pregnancy sash, to the expectant mama.

*Jessica has a tutorial for that too! See? Awesome and inspiring!

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I, too, crave sushi constantly while I'm pregnant!! I definitely need someone to make these for me. Maybe I will suggest a Japanese theme for my next shower (baby due in October!)

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