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Free, Printable Newborn Feeding and Diapering Charts

The other day I found a sheaf of paper with arcane writings in illegible script in the Bear's room. An example: Ppop - 13.41 or RIGHT -  4.00? - 25 mims.

Ah yes! The breastfeeding and diapering 'charts'. For those folks who haven't yet had their pookie some explanation is probably in order; hospitals usually ask new parents to compile a list of their babies intake (time at the breast) and their 'outgoings' for the first two weeks; as it's the best way to tell how feeding is going.

Looking back at our charts is kind of funny, I like how I recorded that the diaper was changed at EXACTLY 13.41 but I apparently can't spell poop (also, the 24 hour clock?! Huh?).

This got me to thinking that life would have been easier if we had had an actual chart instead of scrappy bits of paper. Gidget over at The Lily Pad is way ahead of me, she has designed a free, printable Newborn Feeding and Diapering Chart (gold stars and snaps for HER!)

And here's another free feeding chart from Gerber I found that you can download now:

created at: 2010/06/10


They would actually be a really useful addition to a hospital bag, and if you were feeling really fancy you could even stick them in a three ring binder that you'd gussied up for the purpose.

created at: 2009-06-19

Where, what and how much? Who ME?


When you're done with all that charting, try giving your sweetie Sophie La Giraffe to keep them occupied while you take a much-deserved rest!

created at: 2010/06/10


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Try this book, Newborn Necessities.  Similar charts, all in one cute book.  Fits perfectly in the diaper bag, gave one to my sitter.  At less than $10 makes a great shower gift for new mommy friends!


Thanks Adrienne, great charts!

Hi! I also created a <a href="http://tinyplayground.com/NewMoms/MomGuides/InfantBreastfeedingRecord/tabid/161/Default.aspx">chart to track breastfeeding (what time and which side), pee and poop for the first 7 days</a>. 


I think its important for 1st time mothers to keep track of this information, it will help you get breastfeeding established and tracking diapers is the best way to ensure baby is feeding and not just sucking. 

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