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Natural Morning Sickness Remedies

created at: 2009-04-23

Writing about morning sickness being linked to baby IQ reminded me just how miserable that constant sea sick feeling can be. With that in mind here's a roundup of natural remedies for folks who are sailing stormy seas on the good ship Knocked Up.

Diet -

  • Small meals regularly, so you're never too hungry or too full are recommended (as opposed to eating say, a WHOLE PIE.  Just me? Really?)
  • Try avoiding fried or fatty (read FUN) foods.
  • Try snarfing down a few crackers before you even get out of bed, so that you don't have that horrible stand-up-need-to-barf-lurch. Ah saltines, the breakfast of champions.

Acupuncture -

Yup, with the needles. One Australian study tested  600 women who were less than 14 weeks pregnant and had symptoms of nausea or vomiting. They were given weekly 20-minute sessions of acupuncture for four weeks.Dr Smith, the study coordinator said "We found that traditional acupuncture reduced nausea throughout the trial with dry retching being reduced from the second week."

If you're not a big fan of needles (and who is?) then Acupressure Wrist Bands or "Sea Bands" work on the same principle. They stimulate an acupuncture point called "pericardium 6" (p6), (which is known in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve nausea) with a plastic button that puts pressure on the inside of the wrist. Most drug stores/chemists carry them in the travel accessories section.

Ginger -

It's a natural powerhouse and all kinds of good for you, and ginger has been used as an natural medicine for hundreds of years. A trial (again in Australia) found that one soft gel capsule of ginger (350 mg) effectively reduced nausea and vomiting for 53% of the women in their 291 person study. Raw ginger steeped in water is the traditional method, but even ginger ale can help to settle a queasy mummy tummy. 

Peppermint -

Is another natural medicine standard for settling troubled tummies, you can inhale diffused essential oils by tossing a few drops in a bowl of warm water or using a diffuser. Which is fine in theory, but not great on say, the subway during your morning commute. In which case you might be better off with a peppermint tea. At a push a stick of gum worked to temporarily stop the dry heaves for me, but bear in mind that increased saliva hitting an empty stomach can be a recipe for disaster.

And finally, if none of these methods are working for you then seeing your Ob for a prescription drugs is ABSOLUTELY OK. And actually really important if you are losing weight or becoming dehydrated. Additional info from here and here. Find a list of more products here





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