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How To Sew A Nursing Cover

I ABSOLUTELY believe that women should feel that they can nurse their babies anyplace they get hungry, without HAVING to cover up. It's a right and I feel very strongly about it. However, some women just feel more comfortable covering up when they nurse. It's kind of a contentious issue but I say do what works for you and the rest of the world be-damned! If covering up is something that you're doing or planning to do then you'll have probably heard of these... Hooter Hiders Nursing Covers (I will admit to being completely enraged by the name). Essentially they're an apron that you slip around your neck when feeding your baby. They'll set you back $35 and they come in some pretty fabrics. Lightweight enough so your pookie won't overheat, they fold up small enough to stay in your diaper bag.

created on: 11/24/08

OR you could make a bunch for the same money with a free pattern from the folks over at Breastfeeding123.

To make them you'll need:

  • A yard of the fabric of your choice, (I'm thinking lightweight and washable would be considerations though)
  • D rings
  • Corset boning (about half a yard)
  • And to head over here for the rest of the oh-so-simple how to.

In the 4 months that I nursed I covered up a few times. When Teddy and I were just learning the breastfeeding ropes it felt like I had to practically strip naked and flap my breasts around just to get him latched on. Which was fine in places that I considered my 'comfort zone' (home, friend's houses, favourite restaurants, the R.O.M) but 'outside' was sometimes a different matter; nursing in public (say at the mall, surrounded by obnoxious Abercrombied teens) with a body that I barely recognised was a bit difficult for me. At least it was until we got the whole thing down to a pop-out-latch-eat routine. So I tossed a receiving blankie over us and felt better.

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