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Sweet Baby Hoodie Crochet-Along: FINITO!

created on: 11/12/08

Last week we finished the hoodie part (pictured above) of our baby hoodie, which means this week we finish our sweet little project. Linda at CraftStylish wraps things up with details on how to sew--or join--our pieces together as well as adding the contrasting trim. When joining pieces of a garment together, I almost always use a mattress stitch. Also, for sewing on buttons you might want to check out this very informative post, also on CraftStylish. Well, here it is, my very own Sweet Baby Hoodie. Now, doesn't that just make you want to give crocheting a try??

created on: 11/12/08



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Alicia--You are very welcome! And it was my pleasure. Truly.


Oh my goodness! This afternoon, we received this absolutely lovely little hoodie in the mail and it is gorgeous. Thank you so much for thinking of us, Maven. It's even more darling in person; we can't wait to put it on Wee Bornsztein when she arrives. Thank you for such a sweet and unexpected treasure. You are one very talented lady!

So sweet! clever you.

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